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Video: M83 - In The Cold I'm Standing

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Video: Gates - Not My Blood

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EP: Irreversible - Surface

Band: Irreversible
Album: Surface EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Degloving Injury
02. Side Effects Of Living
03. (Husk) Corpse Pose

Irreversible is a post-metal/sludge band from Atlanta, USA.

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EP: Our Friend, Surrender - The Empty Quarter

Band: Our Friend, Surrender
Album: The Empty Quarter EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Polaris
02. The Empty Quarter
03. A Never Setting Sun

Our Friend, Surrender is a two man project spread across the US. Originally intended as nothing more then a jam session between friends, both found common ground in their love of post rock. Pursuing the goal of creating beautiful and interesting music that they wanted to hear, Our Friend, Surrender was born. Their debut album ‘The Deceiver & The Chariot’ was recorded and released in July of 2011.

Available on their bandcamp are also 2 tracks from their upcoming LP, "North Brother Island".

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Video: Upcdownc - The Black Sea

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EP: Schematics For Gravity - Absence Of Weight

Band: Schematics For Gravity
Album: Absence Of Weight
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01.The Moment Of Transition
02.The Prospect Of Vanishing
03.State Of Nothing
04.Absence Of Weight
06.Turning Into Dust
Streaming | Spotify

Schematics For Gravity is a post-rock/metal band from Malmö, Sweden, formed by Chris Campbell and Anders Lundgren in early 2010 as a hardcore/metal band. The musical direction changed quickly as drummer Pontus Landgren joined the group and as they got their eyes open for a more atmospheric and post-rock influenced approach to their once very clear metal foundation. The band stayed underground for a longer period of time during their early days experimenting with sounds, influences and members. 

When Martin Nilsson joined on guitar, the band finally had a steady line-up instrumentally and got booked for their first gig. A week before the concert the band still hadn’t found any vocalist, Pontus contacted Erik Silverberg, a member from previous bands and projects who agreed to help the band out until a steady vocalist was found to take his place, but later on decided to stay as a permanent member. 

The current line-up made their first appearance in December 2010 in Malmö Sweden under a different name. After a few gigs to try out their style Schematics For Gravity got the confidence to record and release their first self titled EP for download at Christmas 2011 through their bandcamp-site.

On August 2014 Schematics For Gravity released their second EP, "Absence Of Weight", another solid EP, that makes you wonder why this band is so unappreciated. Pure, raw post-metal vocals and post-rock melodies, that take you a few years back, when every post-metal release could excite you for weeks. In the end, "Absence Of Weight", is one of the best 2014 releases so far.

For fans of Rosetta.

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Single: Aerials - Symptoms

Band: Aerials
Album: Symptoms (Single)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Symptoms
02. Firefights (sleepmakeswaves Remix)

Hailing from a city in which indie popsters make all the rules, Aerials are breaking the mold to carve a place all of their own. The reputation of these three Brisbane natives has built fast on the back of a live show that is a blistering reminder that rock is still alive in this country, albeit just. 

Receiving nods from Triple J Unearthed, RAGE and Channel V, the band wasted no time in hitting the stage with acts such as Calling All Cars, Closure in Moscow and The Red Paintings. Aerials’ debut EP dropped on 1 May 2013, supported by a massive run of sweaty shows all the way from Cairns to Adelaide. 

With Forrester Savell (Dead Letter Circus, Karnivool) manning the desk, lead single ‘Firefights’ is a rock anthem in rave territory as M83-inspired falsettos float over Depeche Mode-esque synth stabs. The EP has also earned them a Highly Commended award from QMusic and a performance on Bigsound 2013. 

The band has spent the early months of 2014 hauled up in their rehearsal studio working hard on the next release. Stop reading. Start Listening.

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Video: Mt.Mountain - She Runs

WARNING: This video contain strobe light and imagery that may be harmful to some viewers.
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Video: Chelsea Wolfe - Kings

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Album: Adam Fielding - Pieces

Band: Adam Fielding
Album: Pieces
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. A Call To Action
02. Everything Is Wide Open
03. What Of Our Hopes
04. Final Approach
05. While Stars Still Burn
06. And All Is Embers
07. Sleepless
08. An Uncertain Future
09. Will I See You Again
10. Sunset Radar
11. The Final Run
12. When All Is Said And Done

Following directly on from both Icarus and his work for TV, film, and commercial use, Pieces is an exploration of Fielding's eclectic range of influences and inspirations. While maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout, "Pieces" retains an incredibly earnest and varied impression of Fielding's writing & production styles, resulting in a collection of music that is as honest as it is diverse.

From the euphoric, post-rock tinged opening of “A Call To Action” through to the moody, introspective electronic workings of “Sleepless”, organic instrumentation combines with precise electronics to offer listeners a memorable melodic experience combined with lush atmospheric production on a truly epic scale.

Official Site

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