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Streaming: From Oceans To Autumn - Ether​/​Return To Earth

Band: From Oceans To Autumn
Album: Ether​/​Return To Earth
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. Quintessence/Core
02. Medium
03. Air/Elysium
04. Stratus//Vapor
05. Arrival
06. Live Again
07. Visible Light II
08. Keep A Watchful Eye
09. Isle
10. 211 South
11. Reconnect
12. Through The Ages
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From Oceans To Autumn is an atmospheric post-rock/metal band from Charlotte, NC, USA.

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Video: Blak - In The Absence Of Light - Eigengrau

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Album: Hexis - Tando Ashanti

Band: Hexis
Album: Tando Ashanti
Label: Alerta Antifascista, Halo Of Flies
Year: 2017

01. Tando
02. Ashanti
03. Molestus
04. Ritualis
05. Calamitas
06. Nocturnus
07. Opacus
08. Cordolium
09. Resurrectio
10. Septem
11. Praesagium

Hexis is a band from Copenhagen, Denmark, playing a mix of hardcore and doomy black metal. The band has existed since 2010, but has already played almost 300 shows in The US, Canada, Japan, Cuba, Island, Russia, the UK and all-over Europe.

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Video: Celeste - Cette Chute Brutale

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Recommendation: Sonic Black Holes - Disclosure

Band: Sonic Black Holes
Album: Disclosure
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. Tsar
02. As Close As Forever Gets
03. Cope
04. White Sands Losing Grounds
05. Aleppo
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Sonic Black Holes is an instrumental post-rock band from Hamburg, Germany.

Music for driving through illuminated cities at night.

No samples or keyboards used in the making of this recording. Long live the microphone! Darkness and a proper stereo recommended.

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Streaming: Dead Register - Fiber

Band: Dead Register
Album: Fiber
Label: AVR Records / Throne Records
Year: 2017

01. Alone
02. Fiber
03. Drawing Down
04. Grave
05. Entwined
06. Incendiary
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Dead Register is a genre-bending, monolithic, gothic-tinged, gloomy, melodic, “doom-gaze” based in Atlanta. In late 2013, M. Chvasta (vocals, bass, bass vi) recruited his wife, Avril Che for her bass synth, textures, keys, and background vocal accompaniment. Skeletons of mechanical songs were created with programmed beats, which were replaced in 2014 by the refined drumming of Chad Williams.

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Video: Raw In Sect - Therion

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