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Update: Athletics - Who You Are Is Not Enough

Band: Athletics
Album: Who You Are Is Not Enough
Label: Deep Elm Records
Year: 2014

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V
06. I (Find Yourself)
07. II (Find Yourself)
08. III (Find Yourself)
09. IV (Find Yourself)
10. V (Find Yourself)

Deep Elm Records is pleased to announce the forthcoming re-release of Who You Are Is Not Enough, the third album from post-rock / post-hardcore heroes Athletics. A conceptual record about the quest to find oneself, Who You Are Is Not Enough was written stylistically as one song separated into five parts relating to love, loss and acceptance. The 10 track re-release will include the original five part album released in June 2012 plus an instrumental version of each part dubbed the 'Find Yourself' tracks. "This is an album about finding yourself. So we felt it was only appropriate to remove the albeit very poetic lyrics in order to give the listener an option to create his or her own experience to the masterful music without any pre-conceived ideas. It's a very powerful, unique, genre-spanning album that stands on its own with or without lyrics. So fans now have a choice on how to make the most of the music" says label owner John Szuch.

"This re-release lets us showcase these songs in a different way. The vocals on Who You Are Is Not Enough are sparse for a reason: we wanted the music to tell its own story. We are now taking it a step further by including instrumental versions of each song, letting the listeners decide what these songs truly mean for themselves. Who You Are Is Not Enough was also recorded to flow seamlessly from our debut. The opening of the album is actually the piano section of the song Affliction from the debut in reverse. So we are excited to have our entire discography in the same place. We're happy to be home" says guitarist Garrett Yaeger.

"Who You Are Is Not Enough is the constant feeling that everything you're doing and all the effort you are exerting is still not enough. Sometimes your best just isn't good enough, and for somethings it never will be. Ultimately after all that self-doubt, all the failures, and self-reflection, you realize there are more important things to worry about than being good enough for some social, economic or emotional standard. This album has been a long time in the making. It revolves around a single idea that was expanded on time and time again. When Athletics first formed we wrote a song called Five Years Later which was never recorded and rarely performed. It was about a friend that had passed five years earlier. It was the most important subject I had ever attempted to write about. I was never happy with the outcome of the song, it was never good enough, it never paid enough tribute, it never captured the emotion and he deserved more. Since his passing, I have constantly measured my failures and shortcomings against the notion that he would never even have the chance to fail. Having the perspective of failing being better than nothing at all is the idea that shaped the album. It relates our collective struggles and compares them to something bigger," adds Yeager.

Athletics is Jimmy Boyce (guitar, bass), John Cannon (drums, bass), Howie Cohen (guitar, vocals, bass), Garrett Yaeger (guitar, piano, vocals, bass) and new bassist Zach West who did not play on the album. Who You Are Is Not Enough was recorded with Kevin Dye at Teleportation Studios in Freehold, NJ (Gates, Vasudeva, Let Me Run) and mixed and mastered by Greg Dunn (Moving Mountains, Gates, Vasudeva). Rosetta latte artwork by John Cannon. Athletics released their Deep Elm Records debut Why Aren't I Home? in October 2010 to rave reviews and their piano-only Stop Torturing Yourself EP in June 2012. Band photo by Jeff Zorn. The band formed in Upstate New York but now resides in the musically rich, seaside capital of the New Jersey Shore...Asbury Park. And yes, Athletics really is as good as everyone says they are.

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EP: Arsiesys / Exilym - The First Encounter

Band: Arsiesys / Exilym
Album: The First Encounter EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Industry Of The Dictature
02. The Bluest Of Blue Skies And The Most Angelic Of Angels
03. The Fall
04. This Is The End

Act 1: Running away from the ashes of my life

Arsiesys left everything behind her. Walking for days, weeks, months. Waiting for the apocalypse which didn't come. During her journey she observed the dictature of the spirit, exercised by what is hidden within human civilisation.

Her road leads her to the end of the world. The next step she takes will bring her into the void, and life will then be over. One more step, under this beautiful blue sky. But she doesn't fall. A door, on the side of what seems to be a spaceship, appears in front of her. It opens, and the Stranger held within, like the most angelic of angels, motions her to get on.

Act 2: Flying away from the ashes of the world

The Stranger wakes up on Earth. Twenty-first century Earth. His original world explosions bring him back to the past. He was attracted here, but he is in the wrong place. He quickly realises that the end of his world will cause the fall of this one. He has to leave.

He sees this mysterious woman on the edge of the void where The Freedom, his spaceship, has landed. Just as she is about to end her life, he opens the airlock leading to the exit, and reaches out to her. No words, no noise. She enters the ship, which then takes off and escapes from Earth's atmosphere. Arsiesys and the Stranger silently watch the first destruction. The first end of the world.


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Streaming: Ynicorns - Falling And Fell EP

Band: Ynicorns
Album: Falling And Fell EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Five More Minutes Breathing Through Your Hair
02. A Thousand Yard Stare
03. Steel Wire Bound With Twine

Pronounced unicorns, spelled whynicorns. Sleepy, ambient, glitchy post-rock from the mountains.

Official Site
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Album: New Vegas - Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

Band: New Vegas
Album: Post Tenebras Spero Lucem
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Run And Hide
02. Life Decisions
03. Post Tenebras Spero Lucem
04. Familiar Strangers
05. Questions
06. Self Destruction

New Vegas is a hardcore band out of Pittsburgh, PA. Formed in 2011, they released an EP titled “Overseer” and a full length titled “More than Mythology.” They recently released their new album “Post Tenebras Spero Lucem” after a lineup and stylistic change.
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EP: thisquitarmy / USA Out Of Vietnam - From Darkness / Spirits in Oblivion (Live in Quebec City, 28-03-2014)

Band: thisquitarmy / USA Out Of Vietnam
Album: From Darkness / Spirits in Oblivion (Live in Quebec City, 28-03-2014) EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. From Darkness / Spirits in Oblivion (Live in Quebec City, 28-03-2014)

On March 28th 2014, thisquietarmy is joined by USA Out Of Vietnam (Montreal / Aurora Borealis Recordings) at le Sous-Sol du Cercle in Quebec City. As a five-headed hydra, they flesh out the tracks "From Darkness" & "Spirits in Oblivion" off the album "Hex Mountains" into an epic drone-noise jam.


USA Out Of Vietnam

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Streaming: I Wish You Were Here - Observers

Band: I Wish You Were Here
Album: Observers
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Einstein
02. The Born Of The Universe
03. The Last Signal
04. Superstring Theor
05. Tree
06. Lost
07. Events
08. The Big Blue Planet
09. Discovery
10. Light

I Wish You Were Here is a post-metal band from Moscow, Russia, formed in 2008.


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EP: Tsima- Juniper

Band: Tsima
Album: Juniper EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Subsistence
02. #3
03. Glasshouse
04. Lobbed Slag Singularity
05. Cutting Edge Bitch

Tsima is an instrumental post-rock/metal band from Poland.

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