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Video: Architects - Downfall

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EP: Caves Of Steel - Summer Hit & Run​/​Keep Painting

Band: Caves Of Steel
Album: Summer Hit & Run​/​Keep Painting EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Summer Hit & Run
02. Keep Painting

Caves Of Steel is a post-rock band from Oslo, Norway.

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Video: A Time To Hope - RosaRosa

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EP: Tomydeepestego - TMDE

Band: Tomydeepestego
Album: TMDE EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Victor
02. Tetra
03. Shai
04. Decade

Tomydeepestego (to be read to my deepest ego) is an instrumental post hardcore band with metal and psychedelic influences, based in Rome (Italy).Formed in 2006, the band was started by four members, some well known in the underground scene by playing in bands such as Inferno Sci-Fi Grind'n'Roll and The Phoenix. Almost immediately, the band attracts the attention of Italian label Subsound Records which releases the band's first album Odyssea, in October 2007. Later that year, the American label KNVBI Records, also released the album as a double vinyl.

The band starts playing all around Italy and has the opportunity to be the support band for international bands such as Red Sparrows, Cult of Luna, Fu Manchu and This Will Destroy You. Later the guys start their first European Tour, touching Germany, France and Austria, receiving amazing feedbacks from magazines and webzines worldwide.

In November 2009, the band releases its second album Chronophage, distributed by Subsound Records and Robotic Empire in Europe, United States and Japan. This is a more personal and mature record, which leads the band to a new level of music writing and interpretation. To promote this new album, the band performs numerous concerts, some of which as opening act for God Is An Astronaut, 65daysofstatic, Mono, Russian Circles, And So I watch You From Afar, Boris and Scott Kelly from Neurosis. A new European Tour starts, giving the band the opportunity to play its music to a wider audience and gaining, once again, very good feedbacks.

2012 is the year of Nero, third album of the band. Totally self-produced and available in free download, this album marks the separation from Subsound Records (with whom the relationship is still strong) and the official entry of Nicolò at synth. The records is later released in vinyl version and supported with several gigs around Italy.

In 2016, after 10 years of activity, the fourth album TMDE is released, once again completely self-produced and this time in a digital version only, except for a few especially handmade numbered copies in CD format.

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Video: Thrice - Black Honey

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Streaming: Trade Wind - Suffer Just To Believe EP

Band: Trade Wind
Album: Suffer Just To Believe EP
Label: Other People Records
Year: 2014

01. Fixed Blade
02. Pulling Strings
03. White Pipes
04. Pain Is A Gift
05. Dead Leaves

From the vocalist of Stick To Your Guns and the guitarist of Stray From The Path comes Trade Wind. Their debut EP "Suffer Just To Believe" released through Other People Records on June 3, 2014 and in less than two weeks their next release will be out!

For fans of Thrice.

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Streaming: Syberia - Resiliency

Band: Syberia
Album: Resiliency
Label: Debemur Morti
Year: 2016

01. Desertica
02. Aram Chaos
03. Ashfall
04. Hiraeth
05. Taunus
06. Black Olympics
07. Fortress
08. Resiliency
09. Herboren
10. Hyperion

The mesmerising second album from Barcelona’s Syberia represents a new dawn following a period of heightened turmoil. Both head and body music, “Resiliency” documents a mental and spiritual transformation where darkness and light are both essential to the transmission of ideas.

Interspersing influences from across the full spectrum of instrumental rock/metal, dream pop and shoegaze, the band juxtapose order and grace with notions of cathartic freedom - finding liberation in beautiful, uplifting melodies that never lapse into over-sentimentality. 

Syberia combine swathes of yearning, crashing crescendos with the serene and pastoral. Tremolo octaves create stately themes from chord progressions which catch you with their heartbreak - ever-questing, hypnotic guitars bring sunlight underpinned by the creeping sense of a tumultuous and complex inner world poised to surface. Dream-like synths and subtle electronic touches create a wide-screen timelessness dotted with barbs and traps, undercurrents of wistful unease which explode into powerfully devastating passages. 

“Resiliency” is exhilarating filmic rock which, by the album’s poignant conclusion, will have realigned and reinvigorated you without struggle.

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Video: Moderat - Running

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Album: Release The Long Ships - Holocene

Band: Release The Long Ships
Album: Holocene
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Holocene
02. Rainmaker
03. Tesla And Tunguska
04. Turned Into A Deer
05. Glaciers
06. Death In Norilsk
07. Feathers And Bones
08. 90 Days Of Night

'Tesla And Tunguska' - rework of 'Far Away From City Walls' by Erudite Stoner
Matheus Novaes (Erudite Stoner) - songwriting, acoustic guitar

'Death In Norilsk' - rework of 'Amber' by Endless Melancholy
Oleksiy Sakevych (Sleeping Bear, Endless Melancholy) - songwriting, piano, ambient 

'Feathers and Bones' Cameron Boesch (Nullingroots) - vocals

'90 Days Of Night' István Csarnogurszky (Musicformessier, Black Hill) - guitars

Release The Long Ships is the solo project by Ferenc Kapiller from Szombathely, Hungary. He does everything by himself, music writing, production and cover art.The project started as "Rain Catalogue" in october 2011.

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Video: All Shall Be Well - Beethoven's 'Moonlight' Sonata 360° (Reimagined)

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