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Recommendation: Man Mountain - Inifinity Mirror

Band: Man Mountain
Album: Infinity Mirror
Label: Spartan Records
Year: 2018

01. Illumination Rings
02. Memory Trace
03. Elysian
04. To Be Made As New
05. No Man Needs Nothing
06. Peripheral Drift
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Man Mountain is a band of brothers and friends from the southeast corner of Michigan, playing epic and emotive instrumental rock music. What started in the beginning of 2012 as two people jamming songs by The Appleseed Cast in a basement, turned into four people playing a full set of original songs in someone else’s basement later that summer. That first set of music was later polished up, recorded, and released in the spring of the following year as an EP titled “To Call Each Thing By Its Right Name”. Since then we’ve played all over Michigan (and eight other states), and have written and recorded our first full length album "Infinity Mirror", which was released today on Spartan Records.

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Recommendation: Lethvm - This Fall Shall Cease

Band: Lethvm
Album: This Fall Shall Cease
Label: dunk! Records, A Thousand Arms Records
Year: 2017

01. Impetius
02. Wandering At Dawn
03. The Last Grave
04. Winter's Journey
05. The Shades Of Minerva
06. An Encounter With The Sun
07. Ejla
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Lêtum, i, n : Dead, defund, erosion, ruined, destruction.

Belgian band formed in 2015 evolves in a heavy and torn atmosphere, between devastation and candor. The four members draw their influences in the darkness of life by inserting beauty, rage and melancholy.

For fans of Amenra.

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Streaming: le_mol - Heads Heads Heads

Band: le_mol
Album: Heads Heads Heads
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Inside Your
02. The Waltz King
03. le_mol Fear Mogwai
04. Temperatures Will Drop - Pekoppa
05. 7udud Lurati Ta3ni 7udud 3alami
06. Chameleon
07. The Sun Like A Sneaky Keyhole View Of Hell
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"Heads Heads Heads" convinces through catchy yet subtle instrumentals, which – played in loops – create a tremendous dynamic. 

Riff after riff is carved into polyvinylchloride and disk, all made possible through the excessive use of loop technology. Right from the beginning, with the smooth entering of the piano that equally marks the end, the listeners mind is inspired to create its own images. In between, the duo delivers both enchantingly soft and bizarre soundscapes that are formed by the versatile and playful use of guitars (played with the bow of a stringed instrument), synthesizers, piano, and drums. 

Further the music is understood in context: le_mol celebrate the harmonic disharmony. Their unconventional loop layers and overlapping song structures reflect a social life that is shaken in its foundations and which is threatened to fall into pieces. Without lyrics, using only instruments the duo creates a feeling of tightness, oppression and hopelessness in a society that is divided by populism and capitalism. The audience is invited to lose themselves in thoughts while reflecting and, as a result, experiencing the music even more intense – all while le_mol try to anchor “Heads Heads Heads” in our minds – in our heads, heads, heads.

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Video: This Patch Of Sky - Bella Muerte

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Recommendation: KATAXNIA - Κρεσέντο Απελπισίας (Crescendo Of Despair)

Album: Κρεσέντο Απελπισίας (Crescendo Of Despair)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2018

01. Η Σκόνη Που Έγινε Αρρώστια (Dust That Became Disease)
02. Χθόνιος Τρόμος (Infernal Terror)
03. Σκοτεινιά (Darkness)
04. Γκάλιες (Magpies)
05. Ερωτικό Πρός... (Erotic To...)
06. Βήχας Σα Νύχτα (Soar Throat Like The Night)
07. Εζμαχάλ (Esmahal)
08. Κρεσέντο Απελπισίας (Crescendo Of Despair)
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KATAXNIA is a punk / crust band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Κρεσέντο Απελπισίας (Crescendo Of Despair) is their third album and personally I was surprised that I didn't knew this band in my own city! Okay crust is not one of my favorite genres, but this album is definitely one of the best I've heard! Great production, great melodies and vocals! Don't let the language barrier keep you from listening to this, it's a real gem!

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Recommendation: Charun - Mundus Cereris

Band: Charun
Album: Mundus Cereris
Label: Third I Rex
Year: 2018

01. Malacoda
02. Mae
03. Laran
04. Nethuns
05. Menvra
06. Vanth
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Charun's new album is not your average post-metal record. The band has been working on this new release for quite some time and we are not lying when we say that this record has got the potential to become one of the most impressive instrumental post-metal albums of the year. Titled "Mundus Cereris", the band's new opus will take you through over 40 minutes of emotions in music. 

The album has been recorded and mixed in Sardinia at the infamous DIY Studios (Second Youth, Scornthroats, Ubiquity) and Blacktooth Studios (Drought, December Hung Himself). The mastering of it has been taken care of by James Plotkin (Isis, Sunn O))), Earth, Amenra and many more). 

official site
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Recommendation: Once Upon A Winter - .existence

Band: Once Upon A Winter
Album: .existence
Label: Aza Records
Year: 2018

01. I've Seen The Skies Shatter
02. In The Chronicles Of Mediocre Egos
03. Cognitive Dissonance
04. Unsettling Minds Climax In The Darkest Hours
05. Purple Midas
06. .existence

Once Upon A Winter is a post-rock solo project from Greece. Created by Ilias Kakanis in 2012, Once Upon A Winter has released an EP in 2014, in 2017 his debut album "Selective Depression In Chase Of The Big Bang" and in early 2018 his second one.

“..A man finds himself, to his great astonishment, suddenly existing, after thousands and thousands of years of non-existence…”

"There are stories of life, stories of love and passion, stories of anticipation. In these stories, just like in music, you seek resolution to any tension. Learn to embrace the tension, for you’ll find your real self in it. Tension is the creative period for all the stories you’ll tell. Thank you everybody for the support." - Ilias

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