Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Band: Aucan

Band: Aucan
Album: Aucan
Label: African Tape
Year: 2008

01. Reset
02. -
03. Iena
04. Urano
05. Fauna
06. Ac Ha B
07. -
08. -
09. Satellite
10. Imho

Band: Aucan
Album: DNA EP
Label: African Tape
Year: 2010

01. Rooko
02. Crisis (Club Version)
03. DNA
04. Urano 2
05. The Darkest Light

A crossroad between styles and sounds, Aucan’s music is based on a unique energy: synthesis of the opposites. Digital and analog, cleanliness and distortion, melody and dissonance, quietness and strongness arm free-fall structures, open to direct light, leave the listener inside obscurity.

Gifted of an hammering rhythmical compactness, and of a deadly technical awareness, the band’s obsessive combinations contain nonetheless an emotive tissue spent on crooked roads long time ago, incarnate the need to yell out, to get lost in order to discover yourself. In 2008 they release their debut album on both labels Africantape (Hey!Tonal, Passe Montagne, Threesecondkiss) and Ruminance (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Rachel Grimes, Cheval de Frise, Chevreuil).

After a year across Eeurope, supporting mean international underground bands (Antipop Consortium, Zu, Sleeping people, Il Teatro Degli Orrori, DJ Rupture, Hey!Tonal) the band toured Europe in February 2010, that was followed by a long East/North European tour, in May 2010.

Aucan released a special, secret EP in March, on Africantape and Ruminance again, to introduce their brand new mix of dark ambient landscapes and dubstep broken riffs. Tune in…

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berk24 said...

Great band!!!

Edu Verme said...

This is the same progressive band called "Aucan", from Argentina?

Nordsee said...

Nope! This band is from Italy :)

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