Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Album: Arroyo - Arroyo

Band: Arroyo
Album: Arroyo
Label: Escapartist Records
Year: 2010

01. Segel Setzen
02. Hunde Werden Wie Wölfe
03. Zwischen Den Trümmern
04. Krater Ausbruch
05. Und Abermals Ergreifen Wir Die Flucht

There is a lot going on between throat and hair. Life ripples through oppressed fingers, the heart is pounding, thoughts run riot. Life is an acid test, the head the link between common sense and rage. There, where the epiphysus carves out its existence, is where Arroyo settled down. The band that feeds the melancholic beast with epic post-rock and paces against the night with experimental, lunatic screamo, just doesn’t negotiate.
Life is the abyss, where the beauty of the moment means the greatest luck. It’s the essence of Dostojewski: Between death and insanity, alcohol-sodden reality and the sweetest dream, brute violence and intuitive value come up the musical, emotional highlights, that the Hessian quartet raises out of nowhere.

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Ignativs said...

This band really touches me. Without being completely original, there's something in their songs. 5 stars for me.

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