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Band: Access To Arasaka

Band: Access To Arasaka
Album: Oppidan
Label: Tympanik Audio
Year: 2009

01. Nypox
02. Medway
03. Monoscan
04. Ruin
05. Caeropore
06. First Kill (feat. Beau Jestice)
07. Montcalm
08. Parisville
09. Jody
10. Recon (feat. ESA)
11. Delicate Annihilation
12. Chem
13. Sylvan-hesh
14. Transcednence
15. She
16. Waiting War
17. Aftermath

Band: Access To Arasaka
Album: void();
Label: Tympanik Audio
Year: 2010

01. *strtok()
02. kill_recorder=$c1
03. array[0..8191]
04. setvector
05. config.syn_seq
06. &sin
07. term/echo
08. optlist:
09. syslog_ident
10. [overwrite_ctr]
11. inc(tumbler)
12. n->m_pkthdr.len
13. switch(pcap_datalink)
14. bpf_u_int32
16. sys.argv[1:]

Taking his name from the "Cyberpunk 2020" off-shoot card game "Netrunner", the once elusive Access To Arasaka has seemly come out of nowhere to take the electronic music community by storm with his debut full-length CD album "Oppidan" in 2009.

"Oppidan" is a futuristic journey of a cerebral nature, demonstrating a virtual equinox of surgical beatwork and densely-layered atmospheres. ‘Oppidan‘ transcended complexity and innovation in electronic music to arrived at the very edge of its own inner space.

The Rochester, NY producer’s cyberpunk influences are evident as he skillfully paints each sonic sound-scape with expert precision and meticulous attention to detail. The artist describes his music as "a mixture of every influence I’ve ever had, past and present. As the general idea of this project is a way to describe the future I anticipate, the sounds and styles themselves are an homage to every song that has already taken me there."

"Void();" is Access To Arasaka’s new full-length on Tympanik Audio. Sixteen fantastic new tracks of dark sonic futurism inspired by the history and future of system hacking. An open invitation for the listener to imagine what a computer might attempt to comprehend when it’s system is under such an attack.

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