Monday, September 18, 2006

Album: Motionless - The Windmill EP

Motionless is: Chris McTarnaghan, Jay Penman, Matt Reed, and Adam Tedeschi

Motionless is also occasionally accompanied by violinist Katie Fortier.

Motionless was formed in the summer of 2001 in Mansfield, MA. Although the name has stuck, Motionless is very much a different band today then it was then. Several members have come and gone since that summer, Matt Reed (guitar) and Chris McTarnaghan (drums) being the only original members of the band today. Since its birth Motionless has seen many different faces, and has gone through many different forms. Slowly morphing from one sound to the next the band has never made it a point to restrict themselves to one certain sound.

Motionless encourage you to download all of their music and show it to friends, friends of friends, close relatives, distant relatives, and strangers. They strongly support filesharing, and gladly make their music available for free, but if you really do enjoy the recordings and there's a bit of small change in your pocket maybe you can throw it in their collective guitar case!

Motionless - The Windmill EP

1. The Politics of Resignation (7:31 14.1MB)
2. United States of Amnesia (9:36 18.2MB)
3. Please Keep War Stories to a Minimum (12:45 23.9MB)
4. The Windmill (9:11 17.1MB)

Enjoy! Windmill

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Celestial said...

I discovered that ep some time ago, and its brilliant!!
You did well to put it in your blog..
These guys diserve more attention than they get...
Keep it up!

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