Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Album: Mühr - Shepherd/Blood EP

Band: Mühr
Album: Shepherd/Blood EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Shepherd
02. Blood

Amsterdam's Mühr presents their first release, Shepherd/Blood EP, recorded by Menno Bakker and Jevin de Groot in the winter of 2010. The vinyl-only release consists of 2 tracks, each covering a side.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, Mühr combines heavy doom riffs with psychedelic sound waves and surprisingly clean vocals, taking the listener on a hypnotic ride through the green fields of Holland, the dry plains of the California desert and the icy glacials of the North.

Over the past few years the band has played with many different bands, ranging from Folk to Black Metal, such as Saelors, Rose Kemp, Aderlating, Dragged into Sunlight, and their personal favorite Hollands own Toner Low.

The artwork was done by Mories, of Gnaw their Tongues/Aderlating fame.

Buy: The Shepherd/Blood EP can be ordered for 10€. Contact Mühr for details.

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sounds litle bit like OM

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