Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Album: Thot - Obscured By The Wind

Band: Thot
Album: Obscured By The Wind
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Eolien
02. Take A Bow And Run
03. Dancing In The Corn
04. Moved Hills (Edit)
05. Spellbound Fields
06. Blue And Green (Are Melting Down In A Seed)
07. Ortie
08. Solid Insecure Flower
09. The Hour Speller
10. Obscured By The Wind

Spreading his universe with protagonists such as electrical thistles, speaking hills or mute windmills, Thot cleverly mixes rock and electronic music, industrial and acoustics sounds, freeing itself from any codes and turning stages upside down. Directed by Grégoire Fray, Thot became, along the years, a true collective, capable of electrifying live shows, visuals performances, acoustics happenings in the streets of Brussels and many artistic collaboration (remixes, workshop). On stage, Fray is joined by Gil de Chevigné (drums, electronics), Phyl Gillès (piano, keyboards), Julien Forthomme (Bass) and scenographer Arielle Moens (videos projections), to make Thot a welded band, guilty of intense and intoxicating live acts.

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