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News: Rosetta: Audio-Visual Indiegogo Campaign

Background Information 

About the Filmmaker

My name is Justin Jackson and I am a working professional in the film industry. For the past three years I have been independently producing, financing, and directing Rosetta: Audio/Visual, a feature length documentary. 

I have directed short films that have been featured in festivals throughout the United States. I've worked for Samsung, MTV, and have freelanced on commercials for Nickelodeon. I work a day job as a media production coordinator in order to be able to make independent films. My personal website is:

Why I Chose to Make a Film About Rosetta

I became aware of Rosetta's music and was immediately blown away by their material upon first listen. After visiting the band's website I noticed they had an email address listed. I sent Rosetta an email and stated I wanted to make a short portrait of the band. Halfway into production I realized I had much more than a documentary short profiling the group. There was a real story along with rich subplots set against the backdrop of Philadelphia. I found that not only were the band members great musicians but they were genuine, engaging, and complex. When I learned they have to work day jobs to support their music it really resonated with me. I wanted to convey the struggles musicians go through in order to express themselves through their craft. Through this film I learned that each member of Rosetta tirelessly pursues moments of joy and catharsis no matter the strain it places on their daily lives. 

About the Film

After being on their record label for ten years, Rosetta decides to self-finance and self-distribute their next album, "The Anaesthete,” and the future of the band hinges on the album's results. Featuring: Rosetta, Drew Juergens and Christian McKenna from Translation Loss Records, Eduardo Rivadavia of All Music, Eric Jernigan from City of Ships, illustrator Mike Wohlberg, Jesse Yanniell, Andrew Schneider, and Sean Ingram of Coalesce.

Original score by Rosetta.

What Makes This Film Unique 

As a way of honoring the spirit of Rosetta and the artists who have deeply inspired me, this film will be distributed directly to viewers and fans through a pay-what-you-wish digital format. There will be no set price. Fans and Viewers can pay as much or as little as they want. This distribution method makes “Rosetta: Audio/Visual” a blue-collar, independent, do-it-yourself film.

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