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Readers' Poll: Results for TOP 20 releases of the year!

So these are the results of our poll for 2014. 1023 people voted from 52 countries and we are grateful for that! If I recall correctly the voters have tripled since last year!

We had ties in a lot of places, so the TOP 20 has 27 releases, as we decided to post the tied albums in the same place. The albums tied will be posted alphabetically. So let's see what YOU, the readers, have voted for 2014.

No.1 (154 votes)

Band: Catacombe
Album: Quidam
Country: Portugal
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock

No.2 (141 votes)

Band: Sleepstream
Album: They Flew In Censored Skies
Country: Greece
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock

No.3 (107 votes)

 Band: Cecilia::Eyes
Album: Disappearance
Country: Belgium
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock

No.4 (85 votes)

 Band: Jakob
Album: Sines
Country: New Zealand
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock / Ambient

No.5 (77 votes)

Band: Mono
Album: The Last Dawn / Rays Of Darkness
Country: Japan
Genre: Post-Rock

No.6 (74 votes)

Band: This Will Destroy You
Album: Another Language
Country: USA
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock

No.7 (69 votes)

Band: Blueneck
Album: King Nine
Country: UK
Genre: Post-Rock

Band: Goodbye, Titan
Album: Harbinger OST
Country: USA
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock / Ambient

No. 8 (68 votes)

Band: Rosetta
Album: Flies To Flame EP
Country: USA
Genre: Post-Metal / Ambient

No. 9 (56 votes)

Band: Astralia
Album: Atlas
Country: Spain
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock / Ambient

No. 10 (42 votes)

Band: Pray For Sound
Album: Dreamer
Country: USA
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock / Ambient

No. 11 (41 votes)

 Band: Huldra
Album: Black Tides
Country: USA
Genre: Post-Metal / Sludge

Band: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
Album: Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything
Country: Canada
Genre: Experimental / Post-Rock

Band: This Patch Of Sky
Album: S/T
Country: USA
Genre: Experimental / Post-Rock

 No. 12 (39 votes)

Band: Emma Ruth Rundle
Album: Some Heavy Ocean
Country: USA
Genre: Folk / Acoustic

Band: Maybeshewill
Album: Fair Youth
Country: UK
Genre: Instrumental / Electronic / Post-Rock
 Band: Sleepmakeswaves
Album: Love Of Cartography
Country: Australia
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock

 No. 13 (38 Votes)

Band: Crosses †††
Album: Crosses †††
Country: USA
Genre: Experimental / Electronic / Alternative

Band: Sleevenotes
Album: The Pain Of Nostalgia
Country: USA
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock

No. 14 (37 votes)

 Band: Alcest
Album: Opale
Country: France
Genre: Shoegaze / Black-Metal

Band: Mastodon
Album: Once More 'Round The Sun
Country: USA
Genre: Progressive / Sludge

No. 15 (36 votes)

Band: Agalloch
Album: The Serpent & The Sphere
Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal

No. 16 (34 votes)

Band: Old Man Gloom
Album: The Ape Of God
Country: USA
Genre: Sludge / Doom

No. 17 (32 votes)

Band: Audrey Fall
Album: Mitau
Country: Latvia
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock / Post-Metal

No. 18 (29 votes)

Band: Opeth
Album: Pale Communion
Country: Sweden
Genre: Progressive

No. 19 (28 votes)

 Band: The White Mega Giant
Album: TWMG
Country: Italy
Genre: Experimental / Instumental / Post-Rock

No. 20 (27 votes)

Band: Tycho
Album: Awake
Genre: Electronic / IDM

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