Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Recommendation: stonefromthesky - Spirals

Band: stonefromthesky
Album: Spirals
Label: Low Five
Year: 2018

01. Chasm
02. Hangover Rover
03. Fractals
04. Black Swan
05. Eclipse
06. The Mire
07. Aurora
08. In A Grove
09. Relief
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Spirals is the first full-length album by Kyiv-based electronic music artist and composer stonefromthesky.

Eclectic and unapologetic, it collides heavy guitar music with psychedelic electronica in attempt to build a cohesive, almost tactile soundscape, a descend into the spirals of consciousness. Powered by sophisticated and intricate artwork, this album is a chaotic system with its elements bonded tightly together and playing off of each other.


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