Monday, June 25, 2007

Album: Back When - We Sang As Ghosts

Artist: Back When
Album: We Sang As Ghosts
Label: Shock Value
Year: 2005

1. We Giveth And We Taketh
2. Soothsayer (A Fistful Of God)
3. Pelle Versando
4. Essays in the Moonlight Ill: Permanent Low
5. Ghosts
6. The Lowland Leave - Taking
7. Beloved

Seven epic songs jumping all genres to create glorious electronic soundscapes. Mammoth riffs, pounding drums, and quiet country interludes. Recorded by Matt Talbott of Hum (singer/guitarist) and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side. This dynamic record promises to satisfy any fan of innovative, heavy music. We Sang as Ghosts is 55 minutes and is sure to please fans of Isis, Neurosis, and Cult Of Luna.

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Sweet. I'll check this out. Sounds pretty promising. Thanks.

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