Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Album: The Pax Cecilia - Blessed Are the Bonds

Artist: The Pax Cecilia
Album: Blessed Are The Bonds
Label: Self Released

01. the Tragedy
02. the Tomb Song
03. the Progress
04. the Machine
05. the Wasteland
06. the Water Song
07. the Tree
08. the Hymn

Ever since bands like Neurosis, ISIS, and Pelican became popular in underground and indie scenes across the globe, the newly coined “post-metal” genre has grown into a musical fad, increasingly oversaturated with bland, tasteless imitators. Despite the style’s tendencies towards subtlety and intellect, “post-metal” has become more of a competition for volume and fancy effects than the artistic experimentation that its founders possessed. But while so many long for days past, an ambitious group called the Pax Cecilia is taking bold new strides for the genre. Combining ambient metal with various flavors of post-hardcore, indie rock and classical instruments, these boys from Brookville, Pennsylvania are here to prove that the future is still bright for “heady metal.”

After nearly four years since their first release Nouveau: A Theater of Air, the Pax Cecilia are back at it and hoping to gain some recognition. Just last month, the group released their second full-length album Blessed are the Bonds. Completely self-produced and self-released by the band, the disc contains eight captivating tracks of musical exploration through a wide array of styles and instrumentation. From chillingly beautiful piano and violin melodies to pummeling guitar riffs and guttural screams, the album covers an impressive amount of ground while managing to maintain one cohesive identity.

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that which can not die, can not progress.... (The Machine)

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