Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Album: Johnnytwentythree - JXXIII

Artist: Johnnytwentythree
Label: Self Released

01. Red Bird
02 .Ghost Soldier
03. Into The Depths
04. Last Exit
05. Fall Of Swords
06. A Minute's Warning

Others combine sound and cinema to dramatic effect, but few scratch so deeply and seek out bare nerves as j23. Replacing words with visuals is a defining choice for a band. There will never be any arena sing-alongs, and most will dismiss you with, "They need a singer." But the ability to inspire feelings so powerfully without words is surely it's own reward.

Reverb and delay-drenched guitar delirium, precision ambient-to-pounding rhythmic building and gorgeous siren-song violin are the tools they use to create instrumental swells.

The video projections, a large part of j23's appeal, only began in earnest recently. Stephen Imwalle (who played drums for Halo, a taproot of the j23 tree) has an ever-expanding collection of homemade films that he projects, usually simultaneously, behind the band. Watching him run between his four projectors and frantically feeding tape is more entertaining than the work of most frontmen.
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What a great great great album this is!

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