Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Album: L'Homme Puma - L'Homme Puma

Artist: L'Homme Puma
Album: L'Homme Puma
Label: Communication Is Not Words
Year: 2007

01. Wyniki Tlumaczenia Dabrowski
02. Votre regne s'acheve
03. La Jungle d'Alcaraz
04. Prelude d'un baiser
05. 6h22 un 20 septembre
06. Solidaire dans la decheance
07. Toute pudeur mise a part
08. Un week-end au lac Salomon
09. L'Homme respectable
10. Eloge des petites mains


L'Homme Puma was born in january 2005 and regroups 3 musicians of contrasted musical and geographic horizons. The stringent music of l'homme puma could be labelled as indie rock spiced up with some dub, noise, post-hxc incursions and enriched with samples (spoken word, electronic noise)... halfway between From Monument to Masses, Sonic Youth and Isis.

Needless to say, "L'Homme Puma" is not a band who will gain mass appreciation upon first listen. Critics will pass off the recording as a novel fusion of melody and audio feeds, but in doing so they are ignorant of the larger picture: a melding of diverse musical craft and imagination coupled with supreme technical aptitude. Perhaps it's true that being smashed between genres, between heaven and hell, L'Homme Puma lacks a solid identity in the world of instrumental rock. However, as fans begin to grow weary of the commonly-themed post-rock ventures, bands who occupy the fringe of experimentation, or those completely out in left-field (yes, the above reference was to the serial killer and the comic, respectively), will gather appreciation and a growing fan base. In other words, there's hope for ascension.

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gunrunner said...

I saw them live, it's amazing!
You should know Daïtro, Aussitôt Mort, Mihai Edrisch...

gunrunner said...
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gunrunner said...

Thanx dude, I linked you too.
I'm checking Jet Black, I discovered it in the similar artists of some bands but never listened to it.

By the way I recommend you Year Of No Light (France) and Suffocate For Fuck Sake (Sweden), and Atheist Prayer (friends)

They all mix posthardcore and screamo.

Also check