Saturday, August 25, 2007

Album: Tides/Giant - Split 12" Vinyl

Artist: Tides/Giant
Album: Split
Label: Level Plane Records
Year: 2007

01.Tides - The Invisible
02.Tides - Unfinished Highway
03.Giant - Horned And Blind

Zac Jones
Isaac Jones
Derrick Wells
Kyle Whisenant
Rodney James

Based out of North Carolina, Giant started as the two peice post-metal project of brothers Isaac and Zac Jones in the fall of 2004. Growing musically, and not wanting to limit song writing, instrumentation, or ideas, they added long time friends and like minded musicians Derrick Wells, and Kyle Whisenant. Before recording their first 5 pieces of music in january of 2006, they solidified their line up with the addition of Rodney James. This opened up the ability to explore and dedicate themselves fully to their respective instruments and ideas, allowing also, room for growth in instrumentation and writing. furthermore, it allowed a solid base to begin touring and playing as much as possible. This, along with their forward thinking approach to current socio-political trends, is the foundation of an ever-growing machine to which the group currently whole-heartedly dedicates their lives.


Moving to a new city is never easy, and for Boston's Tides, the process has taken over 3 years. Born and raised in the upstate New York town of Plattsburgh, Donny Green, August Issacson and Rob Dowler have been playing in bands together since they first picked up instruments. Four years ago Green moved to Boston to attend college and the other two members of the band have been slowly following suit. This summer will mark the first time all three have lived in the same place since high school, and our city doesn't yet realize how lucky it is. The band has been playing under this name for five years and the members have developed a brotherly relationship. Their playing has always been astoundingly fluid in a way that can't be forced and has obviously matured over time. In the live setting the songs ocationally meander beyond their recorded boundaries and it seems like the players will musically finish each others sentences.

If you like the split buy it on Relapse (red/orange splatter vinyl) or 29North
(red/white splatter vinyl) records.

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