Sunday, December 02, 2007

Album: The Ghost Dance Movement - Commonwealth Tracks (EP)

Artist: The Ghost Dance Movement
Album: Commonwealth Tracks
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

01.An Introduction To The Study of T(w)ogetherness
02.Something Hypnotic In The Kennedy Funeral Procession
03.If She Is Jacques Cousteau, I'm The Ocean
04.Redshift (What Is The Color Of The Void)

The Ghost Dance refers to a type of messianic movement (1870-1878) that arose among the Indians of the western Great Basin and later (1898-1895) spread to the Plains. It expressed a desperate longing for the restoration of the past. A return to a life free of hunger, epidemic disease and the bitter warring and divisiveness that accompanied the Indians' subjugation by whites.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, great album! And good blog!
Thanx for the generation of vipers too, it was "relatively" hard to find! :D

You made me want to buy, so I've contacted the band, and then made a paypal payment, but I'm not sure the contact address they give on their website is the right paypal address... And they don't respond much to question, so do you know if it's the correct email address to send money please?

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

send an e-mail to i'll send a you a cd.


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