Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Band: Junius

Artist: Junius
Album: Junius
Label: Radar Recordings
Year: 2007

01.[Elan Vitale]
02.Hiding Knives
03.From The Isle Of The Blessed
04.[Elan Fatale]
05.Forcing Out The Silence
06.[The Annunciation]
07.Blood Is Bright
08.A Word Could Kill Her
09.In The Hearts Of Titans
10.At The Age Of Decay

This is a package release includes both of their EPs (Forcing Out The Silence, Blood Is Bright)

Artist: Junius
Album: The Fires of Antediluvia 7" vinyl EP
Label: Radar Recordings
Year: 2007

01.The Fires Of Antediluvia

Junius are:
Joseph E. Martinez guitar, vocals
Mike Repasch-Nieves guitar
Dana Filloon drums
Joel Munguia Reynolds bass

Characterized by spacey walls of guitar, driving rhythms and haunting vocal hooks, Junius blurs the line between dark New Wave and brooding cinematic art rock to form a genre-defining Post-Wave aesthetic.

Press clippings:
"Genius as far as contemporary new wave/cinematic art-rock goes... [an] epic audio masterpiece..."
- The Big Takeover

“Breathtaking atmospherics and dark sensibilities deserved of being likened to the Cure’s Disintegration punctuate this EP. Vocalist Joseph E. Martinez deadpans a brooding style that clashes at the perfect angle with the swirling sounds that rise around his words. Without straying into anything too heavy, Junius manages to maintain an intense presence that is as stylish as Interpol but carries a sincerity and distinction not found in enough young acts. This band seems to have borrowed just enough from previous decades to build and shape something all its own. This Boston-based quartet approach new wave tendencies with a shield of spacey guitars and artistic vocal stylings to create something that is not soon forgotten. With high energy emanating out of a pensive sound, Junius puncture each track with unshakable singularity until it turns into something addictive and encompassing.”
- Exclaim! Magazine

“They wear their brooding eighties swirling darkness on their sleeve, yet still manage to conjure something fresh, majestic and uplifting. The vocal drips onto a textured canvas of chiming echoed guitars and a throbbing backbeat reminiscent of Pornography-era Cure, with the bombastic crunch of My Bloody Valentine.” - The Noise

"Take the darkness of The Cure's best and mix it with the heaviness of A Perfect Circle and moodiness of Placebo... This fell into my lap at the right time."
- Razorcake

"A dark and brooding new wave vibe... with an airy, atmospheric feel to it, reminiscent of spacey, metal-tinged acts like Hum and Cave In... sounding at times like one of Devo's more aggressive offspring. An intriguing blend of influences both new and old."
- Performer Magazine

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