Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Album: We're From Japan - Now Breathe

Band: We're From Japan
Album: Now Breathe
Label: Zankyo Records
Year: 2008


01. Black Bag Work
02. Bleed
03. Climb Mountain, O Snail
04. There Are Horses In The Streets
05. In Every Hive, A Queen
06. Run Shoot Don't Panic
07. September 13, 1848

We’re From Japan! began in January 2003 in Portland, OR. They performed their first show to a sold out crowd that same month. Since that date they have played approx. 15 shows at various clubs throughout the Portland area including the prestigious Musicfest Northwest where they were one of the 200 applicants accepted out of more than 1000. Other shows have included evening performances at Holocene, The White Eagle, The Jasmine Tree, Jimmy Mak’s, The HiHi Gallery, Kellys Olympion, etc. After completing two demo recordings which earned them press in the Willamette Week, The Portland Mercury as well as a glowing review in Music Liberation Project, they have just completed their first album, To Telescope, in 100% hand made packaging. Their music has been compared to Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Sonic Youth and even composer Henryck Gorecki. The sound created by We’re From Japan! is elegant, dynamic, explosive and always compelling. In 2005, We’re From Japan! released their second album, 48 Minutes, 07 Seconds, Then the Open Air.

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