Thursday, December 11, 2008

Album: Moving Mountains - Foreword (EP)

Band: Moving Mountains
Album: Foreword (EP)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2008

02.With One's Heart In One's Mouth
04.Lights & Shapes

Moving Mountains is a New York-based indie rock band. Combining emotional vocals with elements of post-rock, the band has often been compared to such acts as The Appleseed Cast and Thrice.

The band was formed in Westchester, New York in 2005 by Gregory Dunn (guitar/vocals) and Nicholas Pizzolato (drums). A self-titled demo EP was leaked to the public in early 2006 and their debut album "Pneuma" was released independently in early 2007. Later that year, Frank Graniero (guitar/vocals) and Mitchell Lee (bass) completed the band’s line-up. In 2008, "Pneuma" was reissued by Deep Elm.

After much delay, a new Moving Mountains EP entitled "Foreword" is planned for release in Fall 2008.

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