Monday, September 21, 2009

Album: Glass America - Redivivus

Band: Glass America
Album: Redivivus
Label: Driven Records
Year: 2009

01. We Hung Our Harps
02. ...And Then The Sun
03. Harbinger (Sought After,
04. If I Forget, You O Jerusalem
05. Gomer (Returning Home)
06. A Voice From Behind
07. Sinai
08. The City No Longer Deserted)

Glass America began in 2008 with a vision of rejecting the formulaic structures and textures that typify much of post-rock. Members John Mirisola, Micah Wilson, Michael Foye, and Jared Deame wanted to create an original sound that encapsulated the best of ambient, instrumental music without succumbing to its clichés or being limited by what has come to be expected. Hailing from Wenham, Massachusetts - a small seaside town just north of Boston - Glass America is a mostly instrumental band that relies heavily on the sonic demeanor of the music to push the motifs of their sound.

“We try to limit the use of vocals because lyrics often times dictate to the listener how they’re supposed to feel,” says guitarist and lead vocalist, Jared Deame. “I think that one of the most important aspects of good art is engaging the listener to the point where they will have a very difficult time taking a passive role in the process.”

Glass America signed with Boston-based Driven Records in 2008 and has recently released their debut album, Redivivus, on the label. The record focuses on hope in the midst of darkness and pain. Says guitarist John Mirisola, “The biggest theme to the album, and indeed, the biggest theme in any of our lives, is that there is hope, whatever the circumstance. There is a major chord, even after a whole song in a minor key.”

Redivivus is a solid and melodic album and it's structure seems to climb up a mountain, reaching the top and then walking down again, starting calmly, evolves into an emotional brainstorm and closing in the same way it started. Redivivus is perfect for the times the you want to just sit back and dream.

And we will sing Hallelujah...


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