Monday, September 14, 2009

Album: worriedaboutsatan - Arrivals

Band: worriedaboutsatan
Album: Arrivals
Label: Gizeh Records
Year: 2009

01. One Down
02. Evil Dogs
03. .
04. I Am A Crooked Man
05. Pissing About
06. ..
07. History Is Made At Night
08. You're In My Thoughts
09. ...
10. All Things But You Are Silent
11. Arrivals

worriedaboutsatan are an electronica band from Leeds, UK. Their music has been tipped as the future of post-rock, as a result of their combination of guitars with IDM flavoured beats and beautiful ambient music.

The band started out using a desktop PC with the software package Reason to run the electronic elements, whilst the two members either played guitar or controlled the PC via a MIDI controller. This has recently changed to using an iMac with the software package Ableton Live.
Earlier shows found the band performing on the floor directly in front of the audience, giving Ragsdale the ability to walk out into the crowd whilst playing guitar. However, recent performances have seen the role of guitarist given solely to Miller, whilst Ragsdale takes control of the computer and electronic elements.

Amongst the many bands that worriedaboutsatan have performed with include 65daysofstatic. iLiKETRAiNS, Dälek, Yndi Halda, Ólafur Arnalds and Maybeshewill.

The band have so far released one album, two EPs and one single. The first EP, self-titled but known as EP1, was released in 2006 and is now out of print. It is currently available online on the worriedaboutsatan page. The single, 'An Infinity of Oncoming Lights' was released in 2006, and is also available on

The second EP, entitled EP02, was released in late 2007 to a largely positive critical response, with solid recommendation from Traffic Magazine (March 2008) and The Silent Ballet. The track 'Relative Minors', features the vocals of local singer-songwriter, Paul Marshall. It was mastered at Transition Studios, who have also worked with Burial and Kode9.

The debut album Arrivals was released on May 25th 2009, through Gizeh Records. It has received good critical response, including a 7.6 score on Pitchfork.


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