Friday, April 27, 2012

EP: Sun For Miles - Demo 2010

Band: Sun For Miles
Album: Demo 2010
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. The Struggle
02. Barb Of Sorrow
03. Kissing The Hive

Sun For Miles, a post-metal, doom/drone band was started in 2009 by Artur Ruminski (guitars, synth, bass, effects) and Lucas Kalina (Drums) in Brooklyn, NY. While both members were born in Poland, they both met in New York shortly before starting the project. Their influences ranged from bands such as Isis, Jesu, Yob, Godflesh, to Hardcore punk, electronic music, reggae, metal, etc. The two wanted to start a band that would feed off of such influences to create a thick, atmospheric wall of sound to suck the listener into.

After recording some (unreleased) rough demo tracks, the two recorded again later for a split release with Echoes of Yul and Guantanamo Party Program. (Released in the late fall of 2010)

Artur moved back to Poland at the end of May and is currently continuing Sun For Miles with a new set of members added to the band. With a full line-up, the band has been playing shows, adding a new depth to the music in a live setting.

Sun For Miles is:

Art - guitar
Krzysiek - guitar
Piotrek -bass
Wojtek - synth
Michal - drums

Buy (as a 3way split)

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