Thursday, September 20, 2012

EP: Almeeva - EP#2

Band: Almeeva
Album: EP#2
Year: 2012

01. Strobe
02. Bend
03. Fields
04. Flares
05. Snow

There is a million ways to make people dance in music, but there isn't a million ways to make your eyes wander in emptiness. Almeeva aka the multi-instrumentalist Gregory Hoepffner (Kid North, Radius System, Painting By Numbers) chose the path of progressive perdition. EP#2 jump into further abstraction, picking up where the distant waves of Egypt ended. Gone are the rock artifacts that still featured on the inaugraul EP#1, these 5 new tracks deliver a deeper vision of minimalism and groove. You can still blast it in your car, for a nightdrive on the highway. But watch out for ghosts. forget about everything, loose your mind but don't loose the pulse.

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