Monday, September 24, 2012

EP: Bridges of Königsberg - The Five Colors [Remixed]

Band: Bridges Of Königsberg
Album: The Five Colors [Remixed] EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Five Colors [Connectedness Locus Remix]
02. No Longer There (Total Destruction) [To Destroy A City Remix]
03. Seals & Sanctions (Neon Night Riders) [Sioum Remix]
04. Gathering Spirits [Evan Ireland Remix]
05. Feathers Wrapped In Metal [LAKE R▲DIO Remix]
06. The Moon Cries For Mars [Lunar Day Remix]

Hailing from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Bridges Of Königsberg was born in 2009 from the minds of frontman Paul Petrosyan and guitarist Matthew Brakel. With the recruitment of drummer Aaron Krause and keyboardist Beth Hoffman, Bridges Of Königsberg came into being as a skillful and capable four-piece group. Blending elements of rock, electronica, and a number of obscure genres, We Have Many Faces EP was released in June of 2010 and demonstrated the bands diverse sound and emotional range.

Their first full length album, The Five Colors LP, firmly sets their designated genre as "undefined". They expertly mix hues of post-rock with progressive and experimental tendencies along with audio sampling which induces emotional responses bordering on hysteria. A listen through of any material of theirs is sure to leave the subject with insignificance coursing through their veins. The music is in you, and you are in the music.

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