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Album: Circle Takes The Square - Decompositions: Volume Number One

Band: Circle Takes The Square
Album: Decompositions: Volume Number One
Label: Gatepost Recordings
Year: 2012

01. Enter By The Narrow Gates
02. Spirit Narrative
03. Way Of Ever-Branching Paths
04. The Ancestral Other Side
05. Prefaced By The Signal Fires
06. A Closing Chapter (Scarlet Rising)
07. Singing Vengeance Into Being
08. Arrowhead As Epilogue
09. North Star, Inverted

Circle Takes The Square (often abbreviated CTTS) is a screamo band from Savannah, Georgia, USA. The band formed in 2001 as a four-piece and after their first two releases they lost a guitarist but gained another in late 2004. What listeners tend to notice first about the band is the loud screaming of both male and female vocals that often function in a kind of call and response. Skillful, chaotic drumming coupled with intense, highly technical bass/guitar work have served to separate the band from most others in the screamo genre. Highly diverse song structures (from meditative, droning intros to crushing choruses) have also assisted in carving their unique niche. The band completed a tour of the UK in mid-2004.  

Their latest album, entitled Decompositions: Volume Number One, was released via the band’s bandcamp page on the 21st of December, 2012. They released it afterwards on Gatepost Recordings in CD & vinyl.

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