Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Preview: 2HRs - 類星體 (Quasar)

Band: 2HRs
Album: 類星體 (Quasar)
Label: White Wabbit Records
Year: 2014

01. 星空閃爍 (Scintillation)
02. 星潮湧現 (Startide Rising)
03. 鬼島 (The Isle Of Ghouls)
04. 少年夢 (Youth Dream)
05. 群眾力量 (Power To The People)
06. 信號儀 (Transmitter)
07. 星移 (Stellar Movement)
08. 頻譜 (Spectrum)
09. 瞪鄉人 (Homegazer)
Preview (5 tracks)

2HRs are four would-be-scientists that decided to cruise their way in outer space with the help of bass, drum, keyboard, and a violin. Given that, it might sound weird on paper but these eccentric kids did throw a curve ball. Quasar can be two things at once: a concept album that recounts a dying planet far, far away in the galaxy; a subtle critique of the government in Taiwan.     

In 1999, White Wabbit Records started out as a record store in Taipei, Taiwan, with the actual label formed three years later to release music for independent artists. White Wabbit Records have also started franchise with labels including A&C, which issues their releases in Canada and America. One of their artists, Aphasia went on tour in Toronto, and will be heading to Summer Sonic this year.


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