Friday, March 18, 2016

Streaming: Dotlights - What If They're Right And You're Wrong

Band: Dotlights
Album: What If They're Right And You're Wrong
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Probability Of A Faxmachine
02. Treble Will Find Me
03. If Trees Gave Off Wifi They'd Be Everywhere
04. Revolver Sandwich
05. What If You're Right And They're Wrong
06. Alright Everybody, This Is A Lottery
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Dotlights is a guitarist turned laptop-producer from the Netherlands. Working out of a small home studio in a quiet town near the German border, he uses guitars, stomp box loop machinery and sampled instruments to create minimalistic ambient bliss. His new release called "What If They’re Right And You’re Wrong" consists of six tracks, all of which feel like a natural progression from previous releases. Like his work on "Qualm" these new tracks lean heavily on guitars drenched in delay and reverb, although the songwriting feels a little more focused, with more room for beats, bass-synth and mangled guitar textures. "What If They’re Right And You’re Wrong" is available on all major digital channels.

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