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Compilation: Various Artists - Open Language: Volume II

Band: Various Artists
Album: Open Language: Volume II (Side A)
Label: A Thousand Arms
Year: 2017

01. Heron - Shores
02. Vasudeva - Turnstile
03. Shipwreck Karpathos - Bring Down The Sky
04. KYOTY - R
05. Seeress - Attractor
06. Legendary Skies - Beyond The Horizon
07. Sioum - Welcome To New Beginnings And Technological Advancements
08. X SUNS - Twelve Hours
09. Long Hallways - A Butterfly On The Battlefield
10. Ravena - Teraphim
11. Deadhorse - Corruption
12. ARCHIATOR - The Mast
13. HarborLights - And Yet It Moves
14. This Patch Of Sky - Bella Muerte
15. The Mighty Missoula - Regression
16. Outrun The Sunlight - Remaining In A Constant State Of Discomfort
17. From Oceans To Autumn - Arrival
18. Glacier - Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be As Wool.
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"Open Language: Volume II [Side A]"is a compilation featuring post-rock bands solely from the United States. 

Band: Various Artists
Album: Open Language: Volume II (Side B)
Label: A Thousand Arms
Year: 2017

01. Sound Architects - Amihan
02. Glasgow Coma Scale - Southern Crosses
03. Run Golden Boys - Aurum
04. NOIR|REVA - Nuance
05. Antethic - Modulor
06. Closet Disco Queen - Délicieux
07. Celestial Wolves - Aeolist, Descend!
08. Black Sails For Red Seas - Silfra
09. Faltre - Riven
10. Astralia - Exhale
11. We Stood Like Kings - Night Owl
12. City By The Sea - Chicago
13. Niño Koi - Nigredo
14. GENA - Past
15. Only Echoes Remain - Distant Echoes
16. The Ills - Laugh Will Tear Us Apart
17. Lazybones Flame Kids - A Ride In An Amusement Park
18. Spruce Trap - Preparing To Leave All This; Preparing To Leave
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"Open Language: Volume II [Side B]"is a compilation featuring post-rock bands from around the world.

Within the A Thousand Arms circle, post-rock has come to be known as “the global scene that acts like a local.” Those working within the genre know that its reach is worldwide, and due to its nature as a largely-instrumental form, boundaries and borders are rendered insignificant. Working within a niche art form necessitates a sense of togetherness, one that forms the bedrock of artist relations.Without language barriers, the music is left to speak for itself, and the translation is universal. Steadying itself on this “open language,”A Thousand Arms has spent the past year and a half dedicating itself to making the world of post-rock a bit smaller, joining bands from all over the map onto free compilation albums and giving them a platform to be discovered and enjoyed by a wider audience. In some cases, this project has even acquainted bands with one another, opening them up to new allies across the world.

In July of 2016, “Open Language: Volume I” debuted, featuring two “sides,” each available for individual download. Side A collected 17American bands, while 17 international artists comprised Side B. Te comp included track premieres by Bright Like the Sun, Ranges,Coastlands and Rhone. Ten, in January 2017, “Hemispheres: Volume I” emerged, using a similar template – this time, Side A featured bands from the Northern Hemisphere, while Side B surveyed the Southern. Track premieres were provided by Au Revoir, Appalaches,Of the Vine, Old Solar, Sleeping Bear, Glories and Into Orbit. Both comps feature artwork by individuals actively working within the post-rock scene – Brian Morgante of Flesh & Bone Design (“Open Language”) and Xavi Forne of Error! Design (“Hemispheres”).

The calendar has come back around and it is time now for “Open Language: Volume II.” Gathering some of their favorite tracks from albums released in the past year, this volume again covers both an American half and an international half. It brings together a large collection of exciting new artists as well as a few long-standing favorites, and features exclusive artwork by LUXINVICTUS. With its fingers placed firmly on the pulse of the global post-rock scene, A Thousand Arms is confident that it is bringing you some of the best that the genre has had to offer in recent months. Of course, this is meant as a vehicle for discovery, and the hope is that it acts as a launching pad for even more joyful exploration. Amongst many great tracks, listeners will find exclusive premieres from LegendarySkies, Deadhorse, KYOTY and We Stood Like Kings. “Open Language, Volume II” is available for free download on A Thousand Arms’ Bandcamp page since Friday, July 28th, 2017. - David Zeidler of Arctic Drones

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