Monday, September 25, 2017

Streaming: Ranges - The Ascensionist

Band: Ranges
Album: The Ascensionist
Label: A Thousand Arms, dunk! records
Year: 2017

01. The Wanderer
02. Seven Sisters
03. The Ascensionist
04. Called Not To A New Religion, But To Life
05. The Greater Lights
06. The Lesser Lights
07. Seven Veils
08. In The Arms Of Kings And Gods
09. Babylon The Great (Part I)
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Ranges is an instrumental post-rock band from Bozeman, Montana. The five-piece brings a captivatingly succinct approach to a musical genre focused on the exploration of time and expanse while still staying true to the founding elements of the genre. Driven by deep concept and storyline, every note and climax is molded to a narrative that pushes the band and the listener to explore deeper compartments of their being both sonically and spiritually. Founded in 2013, Ranges has been writing and releasing music relentlessly to further grow as musicians and as humans. 

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