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Recommendation: Pillars - Of Salt And Sea

Band: Pillars
Album: Of Salt And Sea
Label: In Storre Recordings
Year: 2017

01. Signal
02. Harbinger
03. Finalita
04. Of Salt And Sea
05. Subtract/Submerge
06. Revelation
07. Residuum
09. Equinox
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Pillars is an American four piece, primarily instrumental, post-rock band from Indianapolis, Indiana formed in 2015. The band consists of Marc Ertel (guitar), Justin Williams (guitar), Nason Frizzell (bass), and Zach Frizzell (drums). Each member comes from various musical pasts and this diversity has fostered a unique sound that blends indie-rock and post-rock.

Pillars independently released their first self-titled collection of three songs on June 9, 2015 [Pillars EP] both in digital and CD formats. The CD's were limited to 100 copies and quickly sold out. The album jackets were screenprinted by Bob Peele at Long Live Design Labs and the songs were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Carl Byers at Clandestine Arts Recording.

The band was signed to Indianapolis indie label, In Store Recordings in February 2017 and released "The Great Divide" on March 31, 2017; A two song opus inspired by the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that plague many. "The Great Divide" is a journey that explores the current treacherous social landscape, using history as a light to guide us through the darkness. "The Great Divide" is available for digital download, in addition to a limited edition pressing on cassette and CD. "The Great Divide" was recorded at the Pop Machine and Clandestine Arts in Indianapolis. It was mixed and mastered by Carl Byers. The album cover and inserts were designed by Marc Ertel.

Pillars released their first full-length album through the In Store Recordings label, titled "Of Salt and Sea" on December 15th, 2017. “Of Salt and Sea" marks the band’s most complete release to date, while also marking their first entirely instrumental collection of songs. "Of Salt and Sea" exhibits a distinct mesh of musical colors on full display, as the band takes listeners on a aural voyage full of thoughtfully crafted peaks and plunges. From the towering movement, that shares the name of the album, “Of Salt and Sea” to the succinct yet stunning piece “Subtract/Submerge,” the album delivers a rejuvenated post-rock sound that pushes the boundaries of the genre to stratospheric new levels.
 "Of Salt and Sea" is available for digital download, in addition to a limited edition pressing on vinyl, which was mastered by Adam Gonsalves (has also mastered albums for Pelican, Elliott Smith, Neurot Recordings, Epitaph Records). "Of Salt and Sea" was recorded and mixed by Cortland Foxworth at Melt Audio Studio. Digital mastering was done by Gordan Wantuch. The album cover and inserts were designed by Marc Ertel.

Pillars has played alongside established instrumental bands such as Pelican, and indie juggernauts, The Appleseed Cast, The Get Up Kids, The World Is A Beautiful Place And I am No Longer Afraid to Die, We Are Scientists and more.

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