Thursday, March 29, 2007

Album: Sika Redem - Entheogen

Coventry based 5 piece band. Describe themselves as prog or screamo, although Rock Sound described them as sounding like "A chaotic escape plan utilising elements of thrash, hardcore and even emo to drag you into a strange dimention of screaming uncertainty".

The current lineup is:
Tommy Jones - Vocals
Luke McCusker - Drums
Stein Fletcher - Guitar
Ian Lee - Bass
Lewis Roden - Guitar

They released they're debut full on the 29th of May 2006, titled "Entheogen". (from

1. The October Bird of Death
2. Mr.Hunk
3. The Race From Hominid to Starflight
4. Euglena
5. The Protagonist Fails, the Pugilist Falls
6. Shields
7. Proud Sons of a Magnanimous Land
8. Stretching For The Zenith
9. Sekret Redem

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