Friday, March 30, 2007

Album: Generation Of Vipers - Grace

Drawing equally from doom metal, epic droning soundscapes, and psychedelia, Knoxville, Tennessee's Generation Of Vipers have crafted an aurally captivating , epic, and profoundly elegiac work in their aptly-titled debut LP "Grace". Over the course of four tracks and 41 minutes, Generation Of Vipers pilot an aural rollercoaster of tension and release; each moment is tempered in dense atmospherics and thunderous rhythms as the band seamlessly trods from plaintive dirges akin to early Neurosis to more pensive passages reminiscent of bands like Swans and Grails . The band displays a certain mastery of tone and songcraft, as crushing distorted bass, enveloping rhythmic onslaughts, soaring guitars, and mournful, throaty wails collide to create sonically dense and captivating music. (

Band Members:
  • B.J. Graves: Percussion
  • C. Rawls: Bass Guitar
  • J. Holt: Guitar, Vocals

Artist:Generation Of Vipers
Red Witch Recordings

2.O Great Deceiver
3.In The Crushing Fists Of God
4.Blood In The Belly


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