Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Album: Asbestoscape - Asbestoscape

Artist: Asbestoscape
Album: Asbestoscape
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

04.And So The Story Goes...
05.Like Shit Attracting Flies

It’s a difficult task to mix many disparate sounds together and end up with something that’s actually worth a listen. The key to making it listenable is to find the common ground between each of the incorporated elements.

Now picture a diagram with four events - Nine Inch Nails (A), Isis (B), Amon Tobin (C), and Nadja (D) – all of which intersect. The intersection of these four events is the set of elements contained in all four events (A ∩ B ∩ C ∩ D), which in this case happens to be the element of dark sounds. You can think of Asbestoscape as a quasi quadruple hybrid who combine the brooding heaviness of Isis, the dark industrial feel of Nine Inch Nails, the crazy breakbeats of Amon Tobin, and the droning ambience of Nadja and bind them together by their common thread of darkness.

Asbestoscape’s self-titled debut is an impressive feat in regards to sound. The album mixes together the aforementioned sounds and though does nothing remarkably fresh or cutting edge, still manages to be quite an enjoyable listen.Nevertheless, Asbestoscape is a solid and enjoyable debut that shows a promising future. -Armand Babian

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