Sunday, October 28, 2007

Album: Latitudes - Bleak Epiphany In Slow Motion (EP)

Artist: Latitudes
Album: Bleak Epiphany In Slow Motion (EP)
Label: Shelsmusic
Year: 2007

01.Dreamland Precipice
02.A Falling Mute
03.Bleak Epiphany In Slow Motion
04.Your Death-Mask Became Mine
05.We Met Today & Will Never Meet Again

In a genre many would claim is over-saturated with sound-a-like bands, there are few who can convey such epic yet destructive beauty as UK quartet Latitudes. Intense, crushing melodies ebb and flow through carefully structured movements as insurmountably destructive as ocean waves, while sharp feedback and commanding bass lines tear into the landscape with rabid yet precise ferocity. Downbeat, dark and enchantingly melancholic, this is a superb debut that is as inspirationally ethereal as it is haunting. In a not too distant future, when images of the last great war to rock this planet are projected on to classroom walls to teach the surviving infants our terrible history, Latitudes could well provide the soundtrack. - Rocksound (8/10)
For fans of: Isis, Pelican, Battle Of Mice, Bossk

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