Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Album: Movus - Movus

Artist: Movus
Album: Movus
Label: 3er Piso Records
Year: 2006

03.Midgardi II
05.Nowadays Bastard Once Medieval
07.Avant Garde Self Esteem
08.Artificial Launch Scape For A Dream
09.Save The Sword
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Dreamy guitars, nostalgic noisy delay layers, pulsating bass lines and jazz influenced drumbeats define what Movus is all about. The band is based in Guadalajara,Mexico where a young indie/post rock scene conquering new territories. Fully instrumental productions, sometimes crude, sometimes sad, but always beautiful is what we should expect from their first album which has been released on October 6th with 3er piso records.

Order(sometime in the future I guess)

3 Engineers:

KBJ said...

Says download has expired. I've been trying to reach 3er piso records for weeks to purchase this recording, but have never received a response one way or the other, I was hoping this DL link would be good. :-(

nuno said...

ohhh yeahhh baby


KBJ said...

Thanks for putting some life back in the link, still have not heard from their label, guess they don't want to sell anything, oh well..

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