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Album: City Of Ships - Live Free Or Don’t EP

Band: City Of Ships
Album: Live Free Or Don't EP
Label: Forcefield Records
Year: 2008

02.Hold Tight
03.Evidence-Based Medicine
04.Too Late To Pray
05.Time Flies

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Hailing from an area of Florida renowned for its two-man bar bands, all of whom are as you read this rehashing embarrassing renditions of "Brown Eyed Girl" and stale Jimmy Buffet covers, City of Ships comes across as nothing less than a magnificent anomaly.

Beginning in late 2005 as two brothers collaborating with their best friend, the trio quickly recognized that in order to create something truly unique, the only rule worth following was to throw convention out the window. With this in mind, they began feverishly writing and rehearsing the songs that would eventually be recorded as their debut "Live Free or Don't" EP, a five-song release that shows remarkable maturity and an unbridled passion for experimentation.

Embracing mostly linear song structures and raising a middle finger to those eager to pigeonhole new groups with genre classification, the release is a snapshot of a band expertly walking a tightrope between savage riffs and delicately beautiful passages. The tracks on EP are so meticulously crafted and fluid in their movements that, despite receiving such confusing comparisons as Neurosis, Pink Floyd, Tool and Planes Mistaken for Stars, it's obvious that City of Ships are paving their own way to Valhalla.

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