Monday, February 09, 2009

Album: Mammoth - Mammoth EP

Band: Mammoth
Album: Mammoth EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009


03.Black Tide
05.Two Weeks
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Following in the footsteps of world renowned post-metal/post-rock acts such as Isis, Jakob and Cult of Luna, Mammoth’s debut EP presents five tracks, all epic in scope and clocking in at just over 34 minutes. The debut release is a pledge to the band’s ability to fluently shift from atmospheric haunting passages into crushing rhythmic sections, while sparse yet soaring vocals deliver insights into, and reflections of, our pale existence.

Mammoth first formed in late 2006 with the current line-up coming together in October 2008. The EP is a culmination of two years hard work and dedication. Further writing is already underway with the goal of releasing a full length album in 2010. Future material will build on the ideas present in the EP and evolve the sound of Mammoth further in all aspects.

A crushing debut EP for the New Zealanders, Mammoth, with beautiful riffs and vocals. We are impatient for the full length album and crossing our fingers for a European tour.

We would like to thank the band for their interest to post their album on our blog. Good luck guys and keep it up!


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Julián Camus said...

if it sounds like pelicans song called mammoth, i'll love this new band.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the singing is so lame. 3/5

Also check