Saturday, April 25, 2009

Band: When Icarus Falls

We heard about When Icarus Falls a while back in their myspace site, and honestly we were pleasantly surprised. A mixture of post-metal, ambient and piano greatly combined in two six and four minutes samples. We didn't wanted anything else to be impatient for their official release. This is the first EP I bought digitally, but it totally worth it.
At the moment, the EP is released only in digital format, so the post-engineering crew decided not to provide any download links. You can buy it online though, to support the band, or you can wait for the hard copy release.

The Band:
When Icarus Falls is composed of five men with various musical influences, from jazz and classical to hardcore. Each member has grown in a particular musical universe that boosts the inspiration of WIF. This alchemy helps the band not to be confined to a single musical style. WIF particularly enjoys to play with the opposites and to experiment new sounds. Therefore, it is not rare to find on its songs some original instrumental associations, such as a piano and a guitar played with a violin bow, or screams on a jazzy beat. Accompanied by a mind blowing voice, WIF opens a way between rage and despair, melancholy and brutality.


Band: When Icarus Falls
Album: Over The Frozen Seas
Label: Poison Tree Records
Year: 2009


01.Black Tree
02.Over The Frozen Seas
03.They Created Lies Which Everyone Uses

The group's first EP materialises the search for a powerful and bewitching sound, with a touch of melancholy in three ten minutes each tracks. It was recorded and mixed by Julien Fehlmann at the Studio:Mécanique (Switzerland), and mastered by Gabriel Wallach (Lurssen mastering, CA, USA), a latin-jazz expert. It is released digitally by Poison Tree Records since April '09, and will be distributed in hard copies by Get a Life! Records in Autumn '09.

The WIF adventure began in September '04, when four men decided to share their passion for music. For two years, the band composed some songs and searched for a repetition room, while making its first scenical performances. In November '06, the band discovered artists such as Cult of Luna, Unfold, Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ròs. The particular musical landscapes created by these bands caused a major change in the artistic direction of the band, which changed his name to « When Icarus Falls ». Then, the band was completed by a second guitarist, and decided to compose new songs, in the search for a powerful, loud and bewitching sound. After a year of hard work, WIF asked Julien Fehlmann to record its first EP, « Over The Frozen Seas''. In February '09, WIF was signed by Poison Tree Records (Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator) for the digital release of the EP. In April '09, WIF was signed by Get a Life! Records (Impure Wilhelmina, The Evpatoria Report) for booking and distribution of the EP.

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Anonymous said...

The band is really fantastic, but where is the download-link??

Nordsee said...

We don't have any, cause the EP is released for now only in a digital format and no one will buy it if we have it for free and we don't want to harm the band. :)

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