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Album: SoundArcade - Daughters Of Molestia

Band: SoundArcade
Album: Daughters Of Molestia
Label: Melo Records
Year: 2009

01. Marsh
02. Thin
03. White Leech
04. Dog in the Frog
05. Messenger
06. Hunt Royal
07. Chopin/Herod
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SoundArcade is progressive/ post-rock band from Riga, Latvia formed in year 2002.

Music is the art of sounds. It’s mission is to create a mood, to depict a feeling in images of sound. SoundArcade sing neither about the meaning of life, criminal situation in districts, issues of capitalism and democracy, nor about how brilliant they are. They don’t want to preachify and we have no ‘message’ for you. Anything can be the topic of a song - meeting a beautiful girl, rainy days, a harsh Tuesday’s morning, etc, everything you want to express, keep and share with others, hoping that it will create connotations.

SoundArcade's second album - "Daughters of Molestia" was influenced by Saint Augustine's and Martin's Heidegger's concepts of molestia. "Daughters of Molestia" is a concept album spanning 7 dark tales about marshes, where it's easier to follow beaten tracks and footbridges, than to make one's own step one a new track. SoundArcade has allowed different contrasts like boggy pools and ruddy blossoms of cranberries to absorb into their instruments and chants to make this saga as brutal and gloom, yet as fragile and lonesome.

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