Saturday, May 26, 2012

EP: Night Verses - Out Of The Sky

Band: Night Verses
Album: Out Of The Sky EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. From The Shadows Where I'm Low
02. To The Ends Of The Earth
03. Be Happy With Yourself, I'm Staying Here In Hell
04. I've Lost My Way Back Down

Taking a patient seven year run to perfect the instrumental aspects of the band, the arrival of The Sleeping’s Douglas into the scene with Night Verses came at just the right time for the music world. Their debut EP, Out Of The Sky, now available for free on the Night Verses’ website, is a testament to instrumental greatness, perfectly accented by the newfound vocalist.

The strikingly impressive production of the group’s EP, compliments of Kris Crummett (Alesana, Fear Before the March of Flames, Dead and Divine), is apparent from the first note to the last.

Opening the EP with an industrial feel, From the Shadows Where I’m Low, makes its way through a dynamic series of sounds in its five minute existence. Guitar that alternate between lilting but complex sounding and intensely urging as well as a heavy bass and drum presence are just a few of the benchnotes that claim the heart of the band’s sound. The right amount of vocal presence is peppered on the piece, keeping screams to a relative minimum in comparison to the intense, shouting vocals in the track.

In To Ends of the Earth, we hear a bit of intro guitar that catches the same unique sense and sensibility of that which is characteristic of The Fall of Troy. Upon listening to the largely instrumental sections of the piece, one cannot doubt the amount of time the group spent honing their instrumental sound.

The curious, chiming intro of Be Happy With Yourself, I’m Staying Here In Hell, evokes a sense of Karnivool’s Sound Awake album. The clever mix of vox vocals and impassioned, drawing singing are the piéce de résistance as they are enveloped in the trilling and urging sounds of the combined instrumental effort in the track. The track is very “classic” per se in its essence, but the peculiarly delightful, ringing finisher for the piece makes it make waves against the tide.

Bringing back a heavier, industrial edge to the intro of the closing track, I’ve Lost My Way Back Down lends itself to a different facet of the human span of emotions, good ‘ol lost love. “I feel so lost without your love”, they repeatedly deliver, calling to the sympathies of the ever elusive anonymous lost lover. The seething aspect of the track, mixing rage with sorrow, and the rapid snare hits give the piece a true touch that might otherwise be lost without it.

Needless to say, you won’t be losing out on anything if you check these guys out. The clear production and purpose, clever blend of sounds and moods, and all out, clear cut focus on the instrumental aspects of music make the Out Of The Sky EP well worth the listen. Not to mention, it appears that Night Verses made the right decision in holding out for the key vocalist to deliver what they felt was best for the band. -

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