Thursday, May 03, 2012

Album: Thula Borah - Live Secretly

Band: Thula Borah
Album: Live Secretly
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Organic Paranoia
02. Skye Falling
03. Murder
04. (Null Interface)
05. Violence Is Forever

In April 2010 Thula Borah released their first self-financed album, Mind River Matter, which was recorded by Andy Miller at Gargleblast Studios, Hamilton.

The bands sound is probably best described as a mix of ‘post’ and ‘alternative’ rock imbued with some ambient and acoustic textures.

They have received airplay in as diverse places as BBC Radio One and Four, Radio North Angus, Heartland FM, Subcity and Amazing Radio.

Channel 4’s ‘Planet of Sound’ music service said their song Dirty Injection “jangles like pre-Screamadelica Primals, with a churning Ride undertow and none-more-Delgados vocals. Despite those alternative influences, it’s done with a lightness that would make it ideal for daytime radio too”.

Scottish music website Dead Earnest described their music as exuding a “haunting, hypnotic, exotic and feel-good atmosphere... a band that’s seriously promising and deserves to be heard by many”. Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft describes Thula Borah as “Slow-burning rock beauty.”

By July 2010 the band had caught the interest of award winning design Studio ‘Traffic’ who are now designing all material for the band.

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