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Band: Zhaoze

Band: Zhaoze
Album: 滄浪星 Cang Lang Xing
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. 搖籃星 Cradle Star
02. 落木 Those Falling Into The Land
03. 飛天豬 Flying Pig
04. 打撈星星的少年 Fishing For The Stars
05. 聲聲急 Sheng Sheng Ji
06. 過客 Passer-by
07. 滄浪誰與遊 Cang Lang Shui Yu You

Band: Zhaoze
Album: 1911
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. 1911第一回 1st mov.
02. 1911第二回 2nd mov.
03. 1911第三回 3rd mov.
04. 1911第四回 4th mov.

Zhaoze is a well-known indie band from China. Their music is regarded as electronic and psychedelic, combined with progressive rock, post rock, and avant-garde electronic music to produce detail, touching, passionate, and boundless tension in the everlasting sadness. With their profound lyrics, Zhaoze provides us a dark and beautiful poetic world.

Unique live performance is also a trademark from Zhaoze. Apart from drums, guitar, bass, and keyboard, Guqin—one of the most traditional music instrument in China, hand sonic, sampler and effects are used in gig frequently. These additions not only bring innovation to the live environment, but also provide the band greater freedom to create.

The name of “Zhaoze” is an analogy of human’s nearby nature until the home of the spirit —- our innermost secret. Both of them are similar in some ways: fed up yet attached to; fixed yet mobile; ruined yet vital. This could be the best explanation to Zhaoze’s music.

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