Thursday, June 18, 2009

Album: Braveyoung - Bloom EP

Band: Braveyoung
Album: Bloom EP
Label: Self-released
Year: 2009

01. Upon The Boughs Which Shake Against The Cold
02. The Days That Sat In Front Of Everything

Braveyoung consists of five constant individuals and a collection of others donating their input. Started in 2005 under the moniker Giant, and in in late 2008 began to function under the name Braveyoung.

As they stated:
"We wanted to post up a more permanent explanation as to why we have changed our name. Essentially, we are avoiding any legal repercussions that could come our way from the 80s metal (ballad) band Giant, or their respective label, Epic Records. We wouldn't really have cared, but Giant is still listed as an active band, and we honestly don't care much about changing it either. Braveyoung, just as Giant was, is only a moniker and has no serious part in our endeavors. "

So, nothing has changed. We are the same band with the same music and the same things driving us to make that music. We will probably always revisit older material, so dont worry about that either. Thanks for sticking with us, and tell everyone you know!"

Bloom was recorded at a church here in greensboro, and is much more representative of the direction they have been headed for quite some time now. Of course, there's no way to know that unless you have seen them live, but the endless fucking hangups with the full length have caused a serious gap in their released material and newer pieces. It sounds very open and live, and they are incredibly excited just to have something tangible that can show where their heads are musically. All of the artwork was done by them, and it is going to be a very limited release. 500 were pressed, and planned on keeping it that way.

A great come back for Giant or a great fresh start for Braveyoung...You decide!

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