Thursday, June 11, 2009

Album: J.Allen - The Chair Of Sigmund Freud

Band: J.Allen
Album: The Chair Of Sigmund Freud
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. Xanax
02. Infatuation
03. Cut And Reform
04. Gravity Moonsteps
05. We Can Act
06. Marry Me
07. Question Mark
08. William Kid
09. Pepper Spray
10. Hynek

We made a post about J.Allen a while ago, but now as they released their album as a free download is a chance to post it for your listening pleasure.

J.Allen is a grunge/alternative three-piece band from Athens,Greece. The band started playing together for fun and leisure, but it wasn’t until early 2004 when they began performing their own songs live.

With influences ranging from Seattle’s Grunge scene to more progressive elements,J.Allen have branched out to play many venues mainly in Athens and all over Greece. J.Allen recorded their first full-length album, "The Chair Of Sigmund Freud", in 2006.Later that year, its four track promo received positive reviews from the local press and fans.

''Xanax'' appeared on'' INDIE sampler v.5'' of Skratch Magazine (California,USA- 5000 free copies distributed to record labels,A&R reps and PR companies) and on ''Europavox Complilation 2007''(which presents one european artist from each country of Europe)

In June 2009, their debut album was released as a free download.
Please feel more than free to contact the band if you have any additional questions concerning J.Allen and their music.

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