Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Album: Sunlight Ascending - All The Memories, All At Once

Band: Sunlight Ascending
Album: All The Memories, All At Once
Label: futurerecordings
Year: 2009

01. All The Memories, All At Once
02. Four
03. Black Bear
04. Continental Drift
05. Out Of This Place II
06. Out Of This Place
07. Reverse Dragons
08. Ocean Depth / Closing Paths
09. Vanil / Requiescat
(Various bitrates and formats)

Sunlight Ascending is a really young band formed in Troy, Michigan, USA in 2007. Their music is a mix of post-rock, shoegaze and dreamlike soundscapes. The band comprises of guitarists James Schultz and John Ballish, bass player Trish Chisholm and drummer Jeremy Schultz. Sunlight Ascending have just released their first album.

"If you were to just listen to this band on a whim without looking at a press release or Myspace page, your first thought might be how they have mastered that dreamy, instrumental sound that has become increasingly popular through labels like Temporary Residence and Rock Action. But I want to focus on the press release for a second. The age of the band members in Sunlight Ascending range from 14 to 21. It is pretty impressive that a band this young can play at a level that some musicians 10-15 years their senior aren’t even close to. If you are a fan of any of the bands (referring to Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, and Maserati) and/or record labels above, I would have a hard time imagining you not becoming a fan of this up-and-coming band. To the band, I say keep up the great work and go for it. College is overrated anyways." - Late Night Wallflower


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extremely impressive for a band that has so young members...!

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