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Album: Fall Of Efrafa - Inlé

Band: Fall Of Efrafa
Album: Inlé
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2009

01. Simulacrum
02. Fu Inlé
03. Republic Of Heaven
04. The Burial
05. Woundwort
06. The Sky Suspended
07. Warren Of Snares

Fall Of Efrafa is a band based around a reimagining of the mythological and political overtones in the book "watership down" by Richard Adams, focusing our efforts in forwarding atheist/animal rights ideologies. we write very long epic, heavy, melancholic post hardcore, taking influence from post rock, post metal, ambient black metal, hardcore etc.

We are currently working on the final chapter of a trilogy of records known as "The Warren Of Snares" - which began with our first record Owsla, (meaning warrior or defender) which set the narrative of an unnamed society in the final throws of a war against mankind. A society that still clings to the dwindling beliefs of its elders, yet struggles to break free of stagnating ideology.

Elil (meaning enemy, or predator)was our second full length and dealt with these beliefs, and the oppressive reign of religious indoctrination. In this chapter, the society finally overthrows the rule of their god, Frith.

The final chapter, which we are currently writing, is called Inlé (meaning both death, and the name of a deific character within the societies beliefs) This is the final recording effort of Fall of efrafa, and also the end of the trilogy. It will deal with hope, in the face of death.

The trilogy is cyclical, with Owsla being the first, and last chapter. Although the music we play has changed and progressed since our inception, we try to keep a cohesive sound and story, that follows the narrative. Inlé, the final record will be released late august 2009.

As a band we encourage people to talk more openly about animal rights and strive for a future in which humanity ceases to be dependent on the exploitation and slaughter of non human animals. It is easy to label this as preaching or arrogance, but communication is how we learn. Debating such issues only helps us become more aware of our actions, be that for political and social change or an end to religious oppression.

All the members of Fall Of Efrafa are vegan and atheist. Although we are open to discussion, we hope that those who listen to our music appreciate that these values are as important to us as the music itself. Please read the lyrics and explanations.

We hope you enjoy our music.

Fall Of Efrafa are:

Neil: Guitar
Steven: Guitar
Mikey: Bass
George: Drums
Alex: Vocals & Lyrics

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