Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Album: Eno - Must Correspond In Pattern (EP)

Band: Eno
Album: Must Correspond In Pattern (EP)
Label: Synalgie Records
Year: 2009

01. Intro
02. Archaic Pattern
03. Evolve, Unfold
04. Outro

Eno is a swiss two-man-band with some loop stations, an intuitive sense for melancholic melodies and an meticulous timing. They create landscapes of sounds that have depth and beauty and which are dificult to escape.

Their music can be namend in the same sentence with the big ones of the genre like Mono, Gregor Samsa, Mogwai. The songs are based on live loopings, all overdubs are recorded live andput on the record. eno have played more than 50 concerts in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France in the last three years.

Must Correspond In Pattern is the band's second album, after last year's Stea/Alto.

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Anonymous said...

nice music

Anonymous said...

I don't think calling yourselves Eno is a great idea … in light of "Eno" being Brian Eno.

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