Saturday, February 20, 2010

Album: Sigmoid Astronaut - EP

Band: Sigmoid Astronaut
Album: EP
Label: Self-released
Year: 2010

01 Quixotis
02 Trapperin Keeper
03 Brittle Brail
04 Tentacle Trap

5 piece band from Poulsbo Washington with a desire for creating something new as well as progress as musicians. Using a vast selection of gear, Sigmoid Argonaut aim to give listeners an auditory journey without the repetition.

Regardless, the tunes on Sigmoid Argonaut’s self-titled EP are pretty riff-tastic and fun. Seconds in, they’ll have you finger-drumming on the top of your desk. The band doesn’t stray too far from a driving, dopey vibe, but they have a real knack for the kinds of ebbs and builds that make post rock so irrepressibly bombastic. The guitars sear, the synths are molten and thickly-LFOed. However, Sigmoid Argonaut does seem to posses that dangerous aural samey-ness that can come with the unimaginative use of certain pedals (that is to say, the keenest of listeners might easily be able to attribute their sound to a specific combination of Guitar Center purchases). By comparison, an example of a band that uses their gear brilliantly would be non-peninsular face-melters Sleepy Eyes of Death. To be fair, occasionally, as on “Trapperin Keeper,” a really left-field noise will invite itself into Sigmoid Argonaut’s dirty-bong jams, adding a welcome dose of weirdness.


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