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Album: Ioseb - The Ghost Of 33

Band: Ioseb
Album: The Ghost Of 33
Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

01. (Prologue) 1st Movement; The Declaration
02. Co Night (Der Nacht Sang Aus Zarathrustra)
03. The Ghost Of 33; The Liberation Of Paris
04. When The Bomb Hit The House Next Door
05. The Planes Above
06. The Sea Et Al; 2nd Movement
07. (Epilogue) 3rd Movement; The Air Raids Of Helsinki
08. Moment 22

Along the highway, somewhere inbetween, maybe even after the highcoast of Norrland,a late summersday in the beginning of a descending decenium,we stumbled upon a old white church, scared and teared on the frontage by the seasons.
Close to the sparsely-populated area of Bygdsiljum, where we decided to take a break,stretch our legs after hours driving in a stuffy rental car all morning. Cafe Americana from a gasstation, some breadloaf, cigarets, Linus got him self some cigars, non branded.
This concept was dead, or at least moldened, we had this feeling in our guts that we had more to give then to face the stage with hollow material that we couldn't put our own beliefs into, we wanted to flip the coin, make something we believed in, and in that maybe face the fact that we would be alone on our journey.
Behind the church, we found this large pile of thrown goods (probably froma flee market), mostly junk,cloths, old pictures, books, shoes and other things that has been passed awayby time.
And we stole this trunk from the house of God.
Ioseb took its shape the spring after the situation with the trunk,as a try to translate the old fasade of that church, forgotten pictures,seldom read books, lost letters, old tales of folklore, pale paintings,the baltic sea and the harsh climate that haunts us when the summers gone, into music.
We now use this trunk as a case for our FX pedals.
With a lack of vengeance, melancholy, anger and hope we bind together our music with great ambient atmospheres and beutifull harmonies in where the thin vocals embraces you as warm hands on a frosty december morning.
Linus is gone, without a trace, we guess that he is in Great Britain somewhere, probably?
Johan replaced him recently, but we are still hanging in there, that is Daniel, Jimmy, Jonathan and Mattias.
Uncertain of our goal but convinced that a lot of music will be made, music that we will remember, we will hopefully get our sympathy from out there somewhere.
We will bring the trunk with us to heaven..

A great post-rock band with a Suffocate For Fuck Sake member, hailing from Sweden. Do you need to know more?
We would like to thank the band for contacting us, or else we would miss this album. And certainly we wouldn't want to miss this one...

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