Thursday, June 24, 2010

Album: Fields Of Locust - Subtopia

Band: Fields Of Locust
Album: Subtopia
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. The Province Of Thieves
02. Wolves...
03. ...Under A Hunter's Moon
04. An Entrance To Altered Mindtrips
05. Momentary Lapse
06. Fog

Fields Of Locust are from Patra, Greece and they are Mihalis on guitars and vocals, Ilias on guitars, Thanos on bass and Nikos on Drums.

“we had just started jamming, when the dr**s began to take hold…”

Their first album is released. It is as much as a D.I.Y. production as it could be, so there were no record/distribution labels involved. This means that they will distribute it theirselves, hand to hand or via shipping.

Buy: send a message to their myspace or their mail:

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data.hypercomplex said...

Think they would allowed if I post this on my blog?

Mari said...

Great album indeed ... Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

feel free to post it on your blog.I am a friend of the band and the whole project is self released/produced.Only put myspace link for everyone interested to buy the record.
Enjoy !

Mari said...

I'll prepare a post on them for the Swamp (unless someone else of the team will do it) and I would like to include a track of this album in the coming Swamp Comp Vol.2. Too cool stuff ...

Nordsee said...

Nice to hear that Mari! Looking forward to see it on the Swamp too :)

Also check